A Guide To Low Budget Filmmaking: Part I

Although making films are what I love to do, just like many other up-and-coming filmmakers, me and my bank account have a very tense love-hate relationship when it comes to financing my film aspirations. So I thought I would make a guide that all of you aspiring Spielberg's out there can reference before you outstretch [...]

What A Beast - A Beast At Bay Written by: Roger Turner Jr On January 21, 2018, filming for A Beast At Bay commenced along the Gulf Coast of Florida. The events that the crew and I endured during the week-long production were, well, let’s just say it was the most intricate film we’ve ever [...]

Rog and The Films Written By: Roger Turner Jr. Most 16-year-olds look forward to Summer, Christmas, and Spring Break because school is out. But Thanksgiving Break during my junior year of high school was overtaken by an unexpected medium -- television. It was around 10p.m. on the Sunday prior to Thanksgiving; School was out. My [...]