Making It – Without Hollywood

This past December I visited Los Angeles for the first time, and the trip proved all the hype about relocating to LA to make it as a filmmaker rings true… in some regard. Making it work outside of LA though, that’s also not so-far-fetched either in 2019. We all tend to identify LA as the [...]

A Guide To Low Budget Filmmaking: Part I

Although making films are what I love to do, just like many other up-and-coming filmmakers, me and my bank account have a very tense love-hate relationship when it comes to financing my film aspirations. So I thought I would make a guide that all of you aspiring Spielberg's out there can reference before you outstretch [...]

  Denzel Washington on Broadway - A Priceless Gift Written By: Dylan Murphy This past weekend, I celebrated my 24th birthday. I got to spend it with friends and family which is all I could ask for. But I also got to spend part of it (technically) with someone who I’ve looked up to and [...]