What A Beast - A Beast At Bay Written by: Roger Turner Jr On January 21, 2018, filming for A Beast At Bay commenced along the Gulf Coast of Florida. The events that the crew and I endured during the week-long production were, well, let’s just say it was the most intricate film we’ve ever [...]

Rog and The Films Written By: Roger Turner Jr. Most 16-year-olds look forward to Summer, Christmas, and Spring Break because school is out. But Thanksgiving Break during my junior year of high school was overtaken by an unexpected medium -- television. It was around 10p.m. on the Sunday prior to Thanksgiving; School was out. My [...]

Gary Murray

Gary Murray is the versatile technical mind of UpStream Productions. Originally born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, Gary set his sights on being a film director when he was only twelve years old. Gary ventured to West Virginia University for college where he befriended Roger Turner, and two shared their passion for filmmaking, photography, and cinema. Gary [...]