About UpStream

Our Mission

The core mission of UpStream Productions is the commitment to providing visual a platform for any and all voices to share their stories. From music video productions to investigative documentaries, UpStream collaborates with creative minds from all over.


UpStream Productions is a team of passionate filmmakers, actors, technicians, and creative minds with a humbling desire to fulfill our production endeavors now and in the years ahead. Originally formed on the campus of West Virginia University in Morgantown, West Virginia, UpStream was founded by Dylan Murphy and Roger Turner Jr. in 2016.

Although relatively new compared to most successful production outfits, UpStream has attained success by the virtues of practice and dedication. These virtues were exemplified in our first project “Loose Ends”. Renting equipment from the Reed College of Media at West Virginia, producers Roger Turner Jr and Gary Murray ventured to Brooklyn, New York to shoot on location with actors Dylan Murphy and Matt DeTitta who at the time resided in the northeast. In our first project, not a dime was made – just a quality film. Check it out here!

Contact Us for any feedback, inquiries, or questions regarding our work and/or the website at upstreamclub@yahoo.com