The Sunset Series

Each of the four photographs exhibited were taken on the Gulf Coast of Florida, which is where the inspiration for this Sunset Series was derived.


The first photograph is from Clearwater Beach, Florida. While the beach is known for its sandy white shores and literally clear water, the sunset isn’t a bad accent on the vibrant vacation destination.

As a local, it was a bit of a hassle getting the shots for this area. The beaches are always flooded with tourists all year-round and the multiple round-abouts with accompanying traffic lights aren’t any help.

Regardless, I was able to snap this beautiful picture just before the sun disappeared for the night.


Second, we have a beautiful photograph of Downtown Saint Petersburg, Florida. This shot was taken from Vinoy Park located in downtown and also where you can enjoy a peaceful stroll with a lovely view of the Gulf to your right.

Saint Petersburg is where I reside, and I venture through Vinoy on a monthly basis for leisure and a scenic shot when I need it. I highly recommend taking 30 minutes to get a look at the ocean views from downtown if you’re ever in the area.


The third photo is the Vinoy ocean view, but a picture does not do the scene its due justice. Pay the Gulf a visit and get a look for yourself!


Our fourth and final photo was taken at St. Pete Beach. Located at the southern most tip of the Gulf Coast peninsula of Florida, St. Pete Beach is a popular hot spot for snow birds, retirees, and spring-breakers alike. Luckily for my girlfriend and I, a rather dormant crowd was on sight at the time I was able to snap this photograph.

As you may notice just below the sun are a set of wonderfully painted blue toenails. I was not responsible in the making of the lovely feet of my girlfriend, however, I did promise her the best shot would be one with her feet in it.

Just as I thought, the photograph you see is the winner!

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