Gary Murray

Gary Murray is the versatile technical mind of UpStream Productions. Originally born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, Gary set his sights on being a film director when he was only twelve years old. Gary ventured to West Virginia University for college where he befriended Roger Turner, and two shared their passion for filmmaking, photography, and cinema. Gary recently Graduated from West Virginia University where he received a B.S. in Design Studies and a B.A in Multidisciplinary Studies. When the time came for UpStream Productions to take its next step, Gary stepped up as a key team member. Creating the UpStream logo, graphics, animations, and the website Gary enjoys to explore a wide range of digital media avenues. Gary currently resides back in his hometown of Cincinnati, OH where he works as a freelance photographer, videographer, and graphic designer. Gary has worked as a producer, director, and director of photography during his time with UpStream.